Monday, September 11, 2023

MWP Zines in Artist Books & Folios

As promised, here is an overview of the MWP zines included in the upcoming exhibition Artist Books & Folios at Stephen McLaughlan Gallery. Click on images to enlarge.

The Republic of Mothstralia Stamps - Socialist Butterfly Party zine (pictured below) is the second of two zines made especially for the exhibition. (The other is Roundels, top right above). To get the skinny on the Socialist Butterfly Party, visit Deborah Klein’s Art Blog HERE.

Only 10 copies of each zine will be available during the run of the exhibition, so (as they used to say in the ads), get in fast while stocks last. I do plan on replenishing numbers, but won’t have time until my return from London in the latter part of October. I’m sad to be missing the entire exhibition, but very excited to see my friends in the UK and sampling the plethora of cultural treats that will be on offer while I’m there. 

I do hope you can visit Artist Books & Folios, even though I can’t. Please find your invitation below.