Monday, December 8, 2014

Homo-insecta at the Art Vault (Installation views and some birthday treats)

Pictured in Gallery 2 with selections of my work.
Photograph by Anne Spudvilas. 

Far right: Sonja Hodge and Anne Spudvilas in Gallery 1.
Foreground: Shield Backed Katydid Woman and Spider Hunting
Wasp Woman, along with a selection of Moth Woman Press zines

Shane and I pictured with Team Art Vault. From left: Mia, Andrew, Shane
and I, Julie, Robert, Sonja and in the foreground, Anne, who cleverly
took this picture by setting the timer on her camera.
My birthday occurred during the residency. Art Vault Director Julie
Chambers treated us all to these spectacular cakes from 27 Deakin, one of my favourite
cafes in Mildura (or anywhere else for that matter). Photo: Anne Spudvilas
As if I wasn't spoilt enough, Anne presented me with this magnificent
birthday gift. I'm a huge admirer of Carter's work.