Saturday, June 10, 2017

BETWEEN THE SHEETS 2017: installation in progress

Pictured above and below are selected progress views of the installation of Between the Sheets: Artists’ Books 2017, snapped yesterday at Australian Galleries Melbourne.

The exhibition showcases book art by national and international artists. A celebration of the book in its myriad shapes and forms, it includes my unbound artist book, Leaves of Absence. That's my book in the above shot, foreground right. My apologies for not being able to identify the other books in the show as yet. Exhibition co-curator Janis Nedela (above, right) and his colleague Andrew (above, centre) were doing a brilliant job of the install, but hadn't quite gotten to the labels stage when Shane Jones (pictured far left) and I dropped in. (Click on images to enlarge).

Opening night of Between the Sheets 2017 is next Tuesday, 13 June, from 6 - 8 pm.  

The exhibition is current until Sunday, 2 July. For full details, see previous post.