Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Floor talk at Warrnambool Gallery

L-R far distance in front of our combined collections wall:
WAG Curator of Collections, Agostina Hawkins, Carole Wilson,
Loris Button and myself

Last Saturday, May 13, Loris Button, Carole Wilson and I returned to Warrnambool Art Gallery to present a floor talk about our current exhibition, From the bower - patterns of collecting. (Louise Saxton, the fourth member of our group, was unable to join us).

I focused on several of my collection objects and related artworks, including the stories behind them: the sewing iconography in the linocut Tattooed Faces Sampler, the hair ornaments collection that became the point of departure for numerous artworks and later the MWP zine The Little Black Hair Book, and the hand painted eucalyptus leaves that were the basis for the illustrations in my unbound artist book, Leaves of Absence.

We had a brilliant turnout, and valued the generous feedback we received from audience members after the talk.

Selected highlights are directly below. Photographs are by Shane Jones. For further views of the talk, visit my art blog HERE.

The exhibition runs until June 12.

Standing L-R: Carole Wilson, Loris Button and myself

Directly below:
Carole Wilson and I viewed through a glass case containing my unbound artist book, Leaves of Absence, together with a variety of objects from the artists' personal collections.