Friday, December 8, 2017

MEET THE ARTIST at Tacit Contemporary Art

Flashback Friday: to a blazing hot day last summer, spent gathering eucalyptus leaves from saplings in Newstead Forest. Numerous leaves from that day’s harvest were raw materials for the works in my current show, FALLEN WOMEN, at Tacit Contemporary Art. I’ll be talking about this and more, including my artist book, Leaves of Absence, the forerunner to the project, at an informal Meet the Artist event tomorrow, December 9, from 2 - 4 pm at Tacit. I hope you can join me. 
(Photo credit: Shane Jones).

Tacit Contemporary Art
312 Johnston St, Abbotsford, Vic 3067
T: 0423 323 188

Wednesday – Friday 11am–6pm
Saturday – Sunday 11am–5pm 

The exhibition is current until 17 December.