Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Mini-Zines Part 1: The Yellow Butterflies

The final works for Homo-insecta, my forthcoming show at the Art Vault, are finally at the framer and I can now devote my undivided attention to zine-making. 

To complement the exhibition, I’ve been working on several folded mini-zines, beginning with The Yellow Butterflies. The text is based on a fairy tale, which I wrote in 2013 and published on Moth Woman Press Blog in the same year. Since then, however, the story has been slightly revised; it appears in its final form in the new zine.

The story was suggested by the enigmatic figure in an oil pastel drawing I made in 2002: Untitled (Yellow). The design of the zine was developed with the aid of iPad apps, namely Strip Design, Butterfly Cam, Pic Collage, and Phoster.

Pictured below:
Under construction earlier this week in the Ballarat studio: The Yellow Butterflies, 2014, mini-zine, photocopy, 10.5 x 7.5 cm, edition 100.