Thursday, August 31, 2023

The Yellow Butterflies - New revised edition


Artist Books and Folios, the fast approaching exhibition at Stephen McLaughlan Gallery has come up at relatively short notice. If not for this and my impending overseas trip, I would doubtless have made a new book for the occasion. Instead, I’ve made a couple of new zines (one of which was featured in our last post) and have given the eight-page zine, The Yellow Butterflies, which MWP first published several years ago, a thorough makeover. I was never completely happy with the original version and recently spent a considerable amount of time redesigning the zine in order to make it more pictorial. At that stage, I wasn’t aware that an artist book show was on the horizon, so my timing was perfect. The basis for the zine is a fairytale I wrote back in 2013. I’m much happier with the new-look zine, which is a signed and numbered limited edition of 80.