Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tall Tales: The Closing of the Opening

In the lead-up to an exhibition, there is always so much to remember. I certainly didn’t forget to bring my camera to record some of the highlights of the opening night. But I did forget its battery, which was still at home being charged. Fortunately our Melbourne place is not too far away and Shane, my chivalrous partner volunteered to go home and fetch it. Ironically we forgot to actually use the camera until the evening was almost over and most people had left. Nevertheless, some of my favourite people are in these photographs.

Above, from left: Robert Clinch, Paul Compton, Catherine Heng, Diane
Soumilas, Euan Heng, Rose Matassoni, Dean Bowen and Terry Matassoni

Above, from left (foreground): Terry Matassoni, Diane Soumilas, Dean
Bowen and Rose Matassoni