Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wonder Room: Last days

As the end of Wonder Room fast approaches, I hereby present some edited highlights. I hope they will bring back some pleasant memories for those who have seen the show, and galvanize those who haven't to get along to Maroondah Art Gallery by the final day: Saturday, November 30. The photograph directly below was taken by Shane Jones at last Saturday's Artist Talk.
Artist talk: DK (standing left) with Curator Lisa Byrne
We had a warm, lively audience, who asked some great questions. Thanks very much indeed to everyone who came along, to fellow artist and speaker Paul Compton and to the wonderful gallery folk, particularly Curator Lisa Byrne and Assistant Curator Clinton Greenwood.

One of our audience members was artist and blogger Penny Peckham, who has since reviewed our exhibition on her art blog Word and Image. You can read it HERE.

The remaining installation views, which were taken by the inimitable Tim Gresham, focus primarily on the artist books I made for the show. For further installation views, and more snapshots of the Artist Talk, visit my Art Blog HERE

Wonder Room installation view, Gallery 1. Left-right: works by Paul
Compton, Deborah Klein, Heather Shimmen and Rona Green

Homo Insecta Portfolio installation view

Homo-insecta Portfolio (detail) 

Installation view, Gallery 2. Left-right: works by Deborah Klein, Heather
Shimmen, Rona Green and Heather Shimmen

Tall Tales, unique artist books: installation view