Thursday, February 18, 2016

Zines for the State Library of Victoria

What do you the day after the Festival of the Photocopier zine fair when you're all tuckered and zined-out (but in a good way)? Why, make up more zines, of course. These mini-zines, Homo-insecta and its sequel, Homo-insecta 2, are two of several Moth Woman Press publications destined for the permanent collection of the State Library of Victoria.

Pictured below is another mini-zine for the State Library of Victoria: Mae West - Moth Woman Vigilante (2013). This one was something of an experiment; it was made primarily with iPad apps Strip Design and Half-Tone 2. The garish primary colours, halftone dots, faux creases and price (the zine is actually $4) imitate a vintage comic book imitating a 1930s women's magazine. 

I've always loved Mae West, a sassy, larger than life, multi-gifted actor/writer/performer decades ahead of her time. No stranger to controversy herself, she is an entirely worthy Honorary Member of the infamous Moth Women Vigilantes.