Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Natural Histories Exhibition at Chrysalis Gallery

To see a slideshow of the exhibition, photographed by Tim Gresham, click HERE.

Images from top:

The Enchanted Hair Ornaments, a multi-paneled painting incorporating the text of what became the first of my fairy tales, eventually leading to the compilation of the anthology There was once...

There was once... The collected fairy tales - Special Edition. This (and the following) photograph by Tim Gresham.

Winged Women linocuts and There was once...

Foreground, left: Andrew Gunnell of Chrysalis Gallery pictured with Joy Smith and the irreplaceable Doug Willis, who was responsible for the layout (and much, much more) for There was once... Photograph by Shane Jones.

From left: Shane Jones, Deborah Klein, Sue, Peg Johnstone. Photograph by Shirley Murdoch.

Chrysalis Director Delwyn Freestone with Shane Jones

Winged Women linocuts, installation view, Gallery 2

Pictured (in background, left) with last day visitors Leigh Hobbs, Dmiti Kakmi, Robert Heather and Edwina Bach. Photograph by Shane Jones.

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