Thursday, April 25, 2024

A visit to Melbourne Athenaeum Library

Yesterday’s day trip to Melbourne included a visit to Melbourne Athenaeum Library to stock up on books. Seeing Leaves of Absence, my unbound artist book, on display brought back a slew of happy memories of my stint there in 2018 as artist-in-residence for Melbourne Rare Book Week. 

The library was the first institution to acquire Leaves of Absence for its permanent collection, of which I’m still extremely proud, and they hosted the launch of the book in 2017. 

Melbourne Athenaeum Library is a refuge in the chaotic centre of a city I hardly recognise anymore. I’ve kept up my membership, but having moved to a regional city, I seldom have time to call in. This is something I’ve vowed to rectify. Until yesterday, I hadn’t realised just how much I’ve missed it.

Apologies for the reflections and distortions from the bevelled glass.