Saturday, November 11, 2017

SELF-MADE floor talk at the State Library of Victoria

For some weeks it has been all go at Moth Woman Press as we simultaneously prepare for an artist book launch and a sizeable solo show that are only five days apart. (Full details of both events will be provided soon).

So it was a welcome treat take some time out on Thursday November 9 to attend a Print Council of Australia Special Event: a Curator's floor talk on the exhibition, Self-made: zines and artist books at State Library of Victoria. 

Self-made curator Monica Syrette (far right) speaks about the
history of zines and artist books to a captivated audience.
 In the centre are Andrew Stephens, Editor of the PCA
journal, IMPRINT, and Sharon Okines, PCA Membership Manager.

Two Moth Woman Press zines, The Moth Woman Vigilantes and Tattooed Faces, are included in the show - although the first time I visited some months back, the latter zine was nowhere to be found. Shortly afterwards, Monica Syrette, guest curator of Self-made, informed me that it had been stolen. At a RRP of $4.00, this was hardly a top end of the market art heist, but a compliment of sorts, I guess! Monica subsequently acquired a replacement copy at the Tonerpalooza Zine Fair (see previous post) and it has remained ensconced in the reading racks ever since. That's it on the top shelf, far right, in the photo below.

The exhibition finishes its run tomorrow, Sunday November 12, but will soon begin an extensive tour.