Friday, September 8, 2017


Poster by Rachel Ang

Moth Woman Press is delighted to have been invited to participate in the forthcoming Tonerpalooza II Zine Fair at the Cowen Gallery in the State Library of Victoria. The event will take place on Saturday 23 - Sunday 24 September from 10 - 4 pm. Moth Woman Press will be there on Sunday the 24th.

Tonerpalooza is coordinated by Sticky Institute to coincide with the current exhibition at the State Library of Victoria: SELF-MADE: ZINES AND ARTIST BOOKS (see previous post).

To mark the occasion, I decided to make a new mini-zine, the front cover of which is reproduced below. I've been enjoying the process so much that two other zines are also under way. The drawings I made during a recent residency at the Art Vault in Mildura are the basis for the illustrations in all three. Further details will be revealed in future posts.