Wednesday, September 20, 2017

FROM THE BOWER: final day

As of last Sunday, September 17, From the bower: patterns of collecting, the exhibition that has been such a big part of my life this year, is all over - bar the ginormous job of deinstalling that awaits fellow artists Carole Wilson, Loris Button, Louise Saxton and I first thing tomorrow morning. 

Shane and I called into the Art Gallery of Ballarat on the final day and it was enormously gratifying to see the gallery swarming with visitors. To my delight, among them was master printer Luke Ingram, Director of Visual Heritage, with whom I've been working closely for the past year, initially on the unbound artist book, Leaves of Absence (see above) and more recently on an ongoing series of phemographs, including Doppelgänger (see directly below) which Luke (who is an equally skilled framer) also framed. 

Yesterday I was briefly back in Melbourne and met with Luke for a marathon printing session. It was another productive stage in the ongoing preparation for an upcoming solo exhibition at Tacit contemporary art later this year (further details to follow shortly).