Tuesday, December 27, 2016

FIREBRAND and GORGON: more progress views

As regular visitors to Moth Woman Press blog will be aware, lately I've been working concurrently on two one-of-a-kind artist books, Firebrand and Gorgon (see centre photo below).

Hand-lettering the title page of the former is now complete and it's ready for the next step, namely the cover art. As with my previous book, Cat's Cradle, the front and back covers will be hand painted and lettered on prepared MDF boards. (The boards can be seen on the top left in the first two photos directly below).

Back in 1993 I was awarded a three-month Australia Council for the Arts Visual Arts Board Residency in Paris. One of the high points was a glorious exhibition of illuminated manuscripts at the Bibliothèque Nationale, the most extensive I've ever seen. I've long been drawn to hand written and painted manuscripts, but as is sometimes the case in my work, the period of gestation has been a slow one. It's only comparatively recently that I've begun to make some versions of my own. 

Click on individual images for a clearer view.

Hand-lettering in progress on Firebrand

Further progress views of Gorgon and Firebrand

First stage of Firebrand completed