Thursday, October 10, 2013

Homo-insecta Portfolio, 2013

Following directly from my previous post, here is a preview of selected works from the completed Homo-insecta portfolio, which this time next week will be encased in a cabinet as part of the exhibition Wonder Room at Maroondah Art Gallery. *

At the initial meeting of artists and curators at Maroondah Art Gallery last Monday, the consensus was that the work would be too vulnerable on an open plinth; I was advised that it be placed in a display case. Admitting that this would make it impossible to view the entire contents of the folio, curator Lisa Byrne suggested that a different page be turned over every day. Because it is unlikely that even the keenest gallery visitor will return on several consecutive days, I have come up with what I hope will be an acceptable compromise. Over the last couple of days I've constructed a unique facsimile edition, reproducing the linocuts as inkjet prints. They are printed on Somerset enhanced mould-made paper made from 100% cotton and the quality of the reproductions is excellent. Gallery visitors will now have something akin to the experience of interacting directly with the original work.

Pictured above are selected highlights from the original.

Homo-insecta Portfolio, 2013
From top:
Front cover (detail) with Frog Hopper Woman
Portfolio: 33H x 24W x 1.5 D cm; cover art: 22.5 x 12.5 cm
Title page
Selected illustrations:
Shield Bug Woman
Spider-hunting Wasp Woman
Shield-backed Katydid Woman
Gold Beetle Woman
Linocuts, hand coloured, 29.5 x 21 cm
The Homo-insecta Portfolio is limited to an edition of 10

My fellow Wonder Room artists are Rona Green, Heather Shimmen, Filomena Coppola and Paul Compton. To see the invitation, which features Paul's superb ink drawing Pickled, 2013, click HERE.

The exhibition will be launched at 6.30 pm, Thursday 17 October. Our opening night speaker is Dr Petra Kayser, Curator, Department of Prints and Drawings, National Gallery of Victoria.

*Wonder Room
Maroondah Art Gallery
32 Greenwood Avenue
Ringwood, Vic
Phone 03 9298 4542
Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 10 - 4; Saturday 12 - 4