Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Re-evolution Opening

Below are some photographs taken during the opening of Re-evolution at Woodbine Art Gallery. More views and further details of the exhibition opening can be found on my Art Blog.

Second from left: Rod Fyffe and Anita Von Bibra;
On right: Jocelyn Lu and DK

Phil Haywood, DK and Catherine Pilgrim with
Masters Elliot and Austin Haywood

Second from left: Henry and Anita von Bibra with Patricia 
Gillard (back to camera;) on left: Noela Stratford, Euan Heng

Anita Von Bibra and Damian Kelly, General Manager of
the Print Council of Australia snapped during Damian's
fantastic opening address

Shane Jones, Catherine and Euan Heng

Jan Lancaster and Craig Gough