Friday, December 7, 2012

'Poker Faces' zine Part 2: Construction

The miniature playing cards on the colaphon page and the back cover were prizes in a Christmas cracker. Originally a set of three, they came with written instructions for a series of card tricks, which I never did get around to trying out. There was no Queen, only a King, but performing a sex change turned out to be a reasonably straightforward operation.

Poker Faces is a basic cut and folded zine. The major benefit of this construction is that all the artwork is on one side of a single sheet, so the entire layout can be printed simultaneously. This is also a considerable economic advantage, especially for colour copying, which can be quite expensive when it runs to several pages. Afterwards, some careful, but simple folding and cutting quickly transforms the sheet into an eight-page book. 

1. A rough dummy indicates the layout of the images in the order
they will appear in the zine

2. The artwork is glued to the paper with an acid free glue stick. It is
now ready for photocopying

3. Photocopied page with vertical folds

4. Horizontal fold in the centre, with slit cut across the two central panels

5. More folding, and a single page becomes an eight page book

6. Front and back covers

7. Inside pages