Friday, October 28, 2011

Camden Zinefest

An early highlight of my London trip was the Camden Zinefest. It was held on 8 October at the Pirate Castle, a local community hall a short bus ride away from where I'm staying. Although it wasn't a huge event in terms of the number of stall holders, the quality was uniformly high and I've acquired a number of fantastic zines for my growing collection. Barbara and Sue, my London hosts and dear friends, came along with me and hugely enjoyed their introduction to the world of zines. I've been trying to persuade Barbara, who is an artist with a gift for words as well as images, to make some zines of her own. Sue is also a talented wordsmith, and her pieces would also be well suited to a zine format.

The Pirate Castle 

  Camden Zinefest (8th and 9th from centre: Barbara Britton
and Sue Verney)

On left: Barbara Britton perusing zines