Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Although there is an overlap with the February 28 post on my Art Blog, Re-enchantment also deserves a mention here.

Instigated by Jungian psychologist Sarah Gibson, produced by Sue Maslin and hosted by ABC television, Re-enchantment is an interactive project that explores the enduring hold that fairy tales have on our cultural imagination

The visual arts component of Re-enchantment includes international artists Cindy Sherman, Kiki Smith and Paula Rego and works by Australian artists Rosemary Valadon, Jazmina Cininas, Judy Horacek, myself and others.The Long, Long Braidpictured here, features in Re-enchantment. The same painting illustrates the opening story The Girl in the Tower  in my book There was once...The collected fairy tales (2009.)

The film of Re-enchantment will be launched on March 2 at the Adelaide Film Festival, and the official website will go live on the same day.

Full details of related events, including a 2 day Symposium at ACMI in Melbourne on March 10-11, can be found on the Art Blog.