Wednesday, June 13, 2018

PATTERNS OF COLLECTING/From the Bower at the Johnston Collection: Opening Night

Pictured with two of my favourite people, Leigh Hobbs and Paul Compton

Now in its second year, but in a different iteration and with its title appropriately adjusted, PATTERNS OF COLLECTING/From the Bower at The Johnston Collection was officially launched last night. Thank you so much to all who came, to TJC Director/Curator Louis Le Vaillant and his wonderful team and to Alison Inglis for her marvellous opening address.

L - R Bower artists Louise Saxton, Carole Wilson, myself,
and Loris Button with Opening Speaker Alison Inglis

Like fellow Bower artists Carole Wilson and Loris Button, I've made new work for the show, and additional items from our private collections have also been introduced. Numerous artworks and collection items from earlier versions of the show remain, however, including my artist book Leaves of Absence, now on display upstairs in the Natural History Room.

The exhibition runs until 18 September. Full  details are below. Click on the image for a clearer view.