Wednesday, February 8, 2017

LEAVES OF ABSENCE: sorting, signing and sending

Yesterday's task: arranging, numbering, titling and signing individual pages of the complete edition of Leaves of Absence (ten, plus one artist proof) before the first copy of the book ventured out into the great wide world.

By mid-afternoon, edition no. 2/10 was on its way to Perth for:

Between the Sheets: Artists’ Books Exhibition 2017
Gallery Central, 
Aberdeen Street, 
Perth, Western Australia
18 March – 8 April 2017

The exhibition will feature artists' books from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Italy, Lithuania, Scotland, the UK and USA.

Nan Morphett; Joy Tonkin
New South Wales:
Lee Bethel; Julie Bookless; Caelli Jo Brooker; Anne-Maree Hunter; Yvette Sullivan.
Lorraine Lamothe; Helen Malone; Jack Oudyn; Stephen Spurrier
South Australia:
Beth Evans
Barb Adams; Debbie Hill; Deborah Klein; Lesley O'Gorman
Western Australia:
Eve Arnold; Zoe Barry; Bina Butcher-Monsees; Helen Clarke; Claire Davenhall; Martin Dickie; Sandra Dunbar; Tania Ferrier; Caroline Goodlet; Jane Grierson; Penny Hudson; Brontë Jones; Shana James; Rebecca Jensen & Sophie La Maitre; Mari Katayama; Daniel Kristjansson; Pam Langdon; Lesley Le Grove; Eden Lennox; Elisa Markes-Young; Clyde McGill; Shona McGregor; Janis Nedela; Annette Nykiel; Matthew Pope; Adele Price; Layli Rakhsha; Jennifer Sadler; Cim Sears; Annette Seeman; John Teschendorff; Paul Uhlmann; Vanessa Wallace; Rebecca Westlund; Gera Woltjer
Jussara Pires
Lorraine Kwan
Magdalena Cordero
Thurle Wright
Virginia Milici
Kęstutis Vasiliūnas
Su Grierson
United States of America:
Cristina de Almeida; Timothy Frerichs