Friday, October 21, 2016

Moth Woman Press zines in Canada

Poker Faces, mini-zine, Moth Woman Press, 2012, edition: 100
(Selected page views)

In response to an invitation from curator, Jim Drobnick, two Moth Woman Press mini-zines, Poker Faces and Card Sharps, have just travelled to Toronto, Canada. Jim is one half of the curatorial collaborative, DisplayCult. Along with fellow curator, Jennifer Fisher, he is currently gathering examples of cards and card-related material.

Card Sharps, mini-zine, Moth Woman Press, 2013, edition: 100
(Selected page views)

Jim and Jennifer are still in the research phase of this extensive project; they plan to hold an exhibition and eventually write a book on the topic. Following this, they intend to donate the collection to a university, so that research on the decks, artworks and publications can continue. 

Jim Brodnick is a critic, curator and Associate Professor at OACD University, Toronto. 

Jennifer Fisher is a critic, curator and Associate Professor of Contemporary Art and Curatorial Studies at York University, Toronto.

To learn about other DisplayCult projects, visit the website: