Monday, July 4, 2016

'Moth Women Vigilantes ROGUES GALLERY' - a mini-zine in progress

Silent movie actor Alla Nazimova, reimagined as a Moth Woman Vigilante

Louise Brooks, Moth Woman Vigilante

Late last year I was invited by Michelle Sheehy, Winsor and Newton's Brand and Communications Manager, and Natalie O'Connor, their Resident Artist, to be a Winsor and Newton Global Ambassador. I was delighted to accept.

Over the past several months, I've been trying Winsor and Newton's archival Pigment Markers. The latest results (which, I might add, are unreservedly positive) have just been posted on my Art Blog.

For my latest Pigment Marker project, I made eight miniature drawings based on significant female screen actors. Time, which can be so fickle, has dimmed our memories of many of these women. I’ve sought to rectify this by reinventing them as Moth Women Vigilantes. To see the complete set of drawings, learn about the markers and the women behind the new breed of Vigilantes, visit the Art Blog HERE and HERE.

As the series unfolded, I recognized its potential for extension into a mini-zine, and have done just that.

Pictured above are two Pigment Marker drawings from the series, with the markers providing a sense of their scale.

Immediately below are selected progress views of the mini-zine, Moth Women Vigilantes Rogues Gallery. It will be unveiled at the official Australian launch of the W&N Pigment Markers at Jasco’s Sydney headquarters on July 7.

Moth Women Vigilantes Rogues Gallery cover art,
featuring Myrna Loy (back cover) and Alla Nazimova (front cover)