Monday, May 2, 2016

Acquisitions by the State Library of Victoria

Moth Woman Press is delighted to announce that on this very day the State Library of Victoria acquired the twenty MWP mini-zines pictured below. (Click on image to enlarge).

Above, top row, L-R:
Hair Pieces (Edition no. 1/100) Hair Pieces 2 (Ed. 1/100) TATTOOED FACES (Ed. 1/100) and TATTOOED FACES IN LIVING COLOUR (Ed. 1/100)

Second from top, L-R:
A New Leaf (Ed. 1/100) MOTHSTRALIAN POSTAGE STAMPS 2015 (Ed. 1/60) The Yellow Butterflies (Ed. 1/100) DARK DAMES, (Ed.1/100) and MAE WEST Moth Woman Vigilante! (Ed. 1/60)

Third from top, L-R:
HOMO-INSECTA (Ed. 1/100) HOMO-INSECTA 2 (Ed. 1/100) HOMO-INSECTA 3 (Ed. 1/100) HOMO-INSECTA  4 (Ed. 1/100) HOMO-INSECTA 5 (Ed. 1/100)

Bottom row, L-R:
MOTH WOMEN A mini-zine (Ed. 1/100) MOTH WOMEN 2 A mini-zine (Ed. 1/100) MOTH WOMEN 3 A mini-zine (Ed. 1/100) THE SHADOW WOMEN (Ed. 8/100) THE SHADOW WOMEN 2 (Ed. 8/100) SHADOWOMEN 3 (Ed. 3/100)

The State Library of Victoria now holds a copy of every zine published by MWP since its inception in 2009.