Monday, July 20, 2015

Work resumes on 'Hair Pieces' mini-zine

Following last week's setback (see previous post) the artwork for Hair Pieces is back from the printer in a new, vastly improved state and the process of folding, cutting and transforming each A4 sheet into an eight page mini-zine is well under way.

Considerable progress has also been made on other mini-zines in development. They include Tattooed Faces, Tattooed Faces in Living Colour and 2015 Mothstralian Stamps. 

The above mentioned zines were made by combining my own paintings, relief prints and drawings with iPad apps. The eight-panel grid that is the basis for these mini-zines is my own invention - I'm rather proud of it. The grid was constructed in the astonishingly versatile Strip Designer. The coloured borders and selected backgrounds were also developed in this app. The panels containing text and image were designed in Pic Collage