Friday, June 7, 2013

Card Sharps

All the work for my solo exhibition Tall Tales is ready for the hang on Sunday. Finding myself with some unaccustomed, albeit brief, free time, I've decided to keep my creative hand in by making a small folded zine. It is called Card Sharps and will be launched on the opening night of the exhibition. 

The methods and materials (ink and acrylic on playing cards) are the same as those used for Poker Faces, the zine I made last December for Hand Held’s Christmas show BAZE (Book Arts and Zine Exhibition: see blog posts December 6, 7 and 8 December 2012). For more about the project, click HERE.

Pictured below is the zine in progress, laid out ready for photocopying, cutting and folding. Click on images to enlarge:

Card Sharps, 2013 (original artwork) ink and acrylic on playing
cards on A4 paper.
Card Sharps, 2013, original artwork (detail). When the zine is folded,
these will be its back and front covers