Thursday, October 3, 2013

Homo-insecta Portfolio: an update

Work for the Wonder Room exhibition is at last nearing completion. Every piece I’ve made for the show is multi-faceted, essentially a series of small collections, which will sit alongside contrasting works created by fellow Wonder Room artists Rona Green, Heather Shimmen, Paul Compton and Filomena Coppola. 

Last Tuesday I proofed the remaining linocuts for the Homo-insecta portfolio, my final work for the exhibition.

As objects the lino blocks are almost worthy of their own place in a Cabinet of Curiosities. They won't be making an appearance in our show, however. But I've singled out a small selection and grouped them together as if in a display cabinet (see above, top).

Immediately following this is a studio view, taken earlier this week at Ballarat, showing proofs of the complete set of eight Homo-insecta prints, plus cover art.

The next step is to hand colour the prints, finalise the text and finish assembling the portfolio.