Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New leaves of a new book

Pictured above: selected page views of Leaves of Absence, an
unbound artist book, together with a sample of the linen
with which its specially designed box will be bound.
(Click on image to enlarge).

The old year ended on the last page of a book, so it seems only fitting that 2017 begins with its first page (along with three other page views).

The Leaves of Absence project heralded a new direction in my work and has consumed a considerable amount of my time and energy for almost two years. It was only in the last several months, however, that I decided to gather together its many narrative fragments and present them in book form.

The images on the A4-sized pages are archival pigment prints. For me this was an entirely different approach to image making. The technique was intuitive, springing almost organically from the hybrid nature of the imagery. As with any art form, I've learned a great deal along the way, and continue to do so.

The unbound artist book Leaves of Absence, an edition of 10, plus one artist proof, will reside in a linen-bound box embellished with lettering and a small image, both debossed in gold.

Further details of the book will be shared in future posts.