Tuesday, October 4, 2016

PRINTS 1987 - 2016: An ending and a beginning

The end of my solo exhibition, PRINTS 1987 - 2016 at Tacit Contemporary Art on Sunday afternoon, October 2, also marked something of a beginning. During the lead-up to the show, the date of the earliest work alerted Tacit's ever-vigilant Keith Lawrence to the fact that 2017 will mark a Significant Anniversary of my printmaking practice. Accordingly, a far larger exhibition, which will include several Moth Woman Press publications, is planned and already locked in for late next year. Watch for MWP's next post, when further details will be provided.

Meanwhile, warmest gratitude to exhibition curator, TJ Bateson and Tacit director, Keith Lawrence for their unwavering enthusiasm and support before, during and after the recent show, to the many people who came during its run, and to those who took the time and trouble send me their written responses.

The following installation views of PRINTS 1987 - 2016 were taken by Tim Gresham. Click on individual images for a clearer view.