Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The Homarsupial is another of the elusive cryptids captured in the Tall Tales suite of one-of-a-kind artist's books that are soon to be launched at Hand Held Gallery. Please note: the illustration is an artist's impression, owing to a complete lack of documented evidence of the Homarsupial's appearance, or indeed, its existence. The miniature silhouette directly below was a study for the book, but is also a finished work in its own right.

Pictured below, from top:
Homarsupial, 2013, 9 x 7cm, acrylic on canvas. Photograph by Tim Gresham
Homarsupial, artist's book in progress, the artist's studio, Ballarat, April 2013
Homarsupial, 2013, unique artist's book pictured with bound set of Tall Tales. Ink on Khadi paper, 16 x 16 (closed) 80 x 16 cm (open). Photograph by Tim Gresham

The open copy of Homarsupial will be featured in my next blog post.