Thursday, February 7, 2013

Books, zines and iPad apps

Lately I've been experimenting with potential book forms using iPad apps (see also previous Blog Post). I'm finding that presenting pre-existing work in a different context not only gives it new life, but can also provide the basis for new ideas and narratives. 

By combining my own imagery with the iPad
Face on Coins app, I recently produced a set of Moth Woman Vigilantes Coins of the Realm. The announcement of an Australian Federal Election in September has provided the perfect backdrop against which to launch them.

With a forthcoming Moth Woman Press project in mind (further details TBA) the designs were further developed in the
Etchings app. The title on the top image was added in the Pictures with Words app.

From top:
Mothstralian twenty cent coin
Mothstralian one dollar coin
Mothstralian fifty cent coin
Moth Woman Vigilantes Commemorative Coin.

Moth Woman Press extends warm thanks to James Bucanek for the name Mothstralia and to Deborah McMillion Nering for invaluable app advice.

To view a complete set of the newly minted MWV coins and to learn more about them, visit Deborah Klein's Art Blog HERE.